Hi, I'm Terry and I'm a Christian first and a Photographer who chases light.  I have held a camera in my hands for over 45 years.  If I am not out shooting somewhere I am either planning a shoot or working in my Wood Shop turning a bowl or platter.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am always looking to learn something new so if you are inspired and want to offer comments or suggestions, please do.  

Please don't use my images on blogs, websites, or any other media without getting in touch with me first. Thank you very much. © All Rights Reserved. 

Camera GEAR:

1 -  Nikon D-850- 45.7 mp-FX Format

1 - Think Tank LOGISTICS MANAGER® 30 Rolling Case's

Lowepro X300 Roller Camera Case

Lowepro 400-AW Backpack

Mindshift Trail Scape  Backpack

Various Think-Tank Pouches

1-Large Lightware Cargo Case

1-Lightware Sling Light Stand Bag


 Nikon 200 - 500 - 2.8

 Nikon 70-200 - 2.8 

 Nikon 24-70 - 2.8

 Sigma 14-24 - 2.8

 Nikon 55 mm 2.8 Macro

 Nikon SB-800 - Flash


Leofoto - LS 364C with an LH - 40 Ball Head - Leveling device

Really Right Stuff MPR-CL II: MPR with integral clamp (Pano)

Really Right Stuff PC-LR: lever-release panning clamp (Pano)


MSM-Move Shoot Move Tracker for shooting the Milkyway 

Infrared Remote release

H&Y Magnetic Filter System 100mm x 150mm

iPhone 13 Pro

3 - SMDV Wireless Shutter Release RFN 4s for Nikon

2- Tether Tools Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh)

1- Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System

2- Jet Boil Cooking Systems

 Location Lighting

 5 - HDV-Z96 96 LED Light Kit

 2- Small Background Stands

 2- Standard Light Stands

 Post Processing: 

Adobe Photoshop CC

Lightroom Classic CC

Paint Shop Pro Ultimate 2022 Version

Corel Video Studio 2021

Zerene Stacker - Used to stack  Focus and Exposure Stacks

PT Gui - Used to stitch Pano's

XnConvert - Used to convert RAW files to JPG or TIF

LR Timelapse - Used to create timelapse sequences 

Picture Resize Genius - Used to resize images for posting

 Computer Editing System:

Cyber-PowerPC - Battle Box Ultimate Desktop - Intel Core i7-  8700K   64GB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080  Ti - Internal  240GB   SSD + 3TB HDD 


3 - Seagate 1.5 TB External HD - 4.5 TB Total Storage

1 - Seagate 2.0 TB External HD

2 - 8 TB Western Digital External HD

2 - 10TB Seagate External HD

Copyright © 2022  Somewhere Down The Road Photography  / Crocus Creek Woodworks - All rights reserved. No part of my portfolio/gallery or Website in total,  either text or image, may be used for any purpose without permission. Reproduction,  modification, storage in a retrieval system, or retransmission in any form electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, is prohibited without my written permission.

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