10-28-15 - Some Where Down The Road



If you follow my blog you've noticed that there hasn't been any updates to the blog for over a month.  First I have to apologize and then I want to invite you to join me in my new adventure using Photo Drones to capture the world from a different perspective.

I have found in the past month or so a new way to express my vision and tell completely new stories in a different way.  I am just getting started and learning the finite details of this adventure but, the excitement is overwhelming and sometimes just down right frustrating, yet the enjoyment is awesome with each new discovery.  I am finding that I want to RUSH through the learning process and I know that's not the right path to take.  So I am continually reminding myself to SLOW down and use the resources available to discover and create .

If you have visited the Aerial link here on the site you have seen the initial results of these efforts.  Of which I am happy with, yet I do feel strongly that the quality and content will get better as I move forward and learn more about how to fuse this into my work.  Needless to say I am very excited.  One aspect is the ability to capture 12 mp images from above like the one below.

I have traveled down this road many times and never even considered what the area might look like from above....now we can see it clearly.  This image was captured early one Fall morning from around 380 feet and allowed me to see a view I otherwise would have never been able to see  or capture.

I am finding this creative process to be very addictive and I have even slowed down shooting with my DSLR and that does kind of worry me a bit...am I losing my interest in my original passion?  I don't think so.  I feel strongly that this will simply be another tool to elevate my vision to new heights (no pun intended).  It's not just the capture or recording part of this, it's the flying too!  I love the freedom and control of being able to choose the exact location of where I want to capture an image or video or both!  Just knowing I have this creative freedom, releases me from the bonds of never knowing what's up there or out there.  

The SEEING from a different perspective and the discovery is very exciting.  I have never been afraid of change, in fact, I embrace it. The little tickle in your stomach, the hair standing up on your neck, the butterfly's that swim around your tummy, just like before your first kiss...WOW, that is what I live for, why I do what I do and want to capture images like the one below.

This image was captured from around 60 feet in the air at Tree top level.  I was on a high hill looking over a valley and waited for the sun to drop below the horizon and this was the result.  

I edit all my Still images in Paint Shop PRO X7 and and my videos are edited currently in Wondershare Filmora .  I am planing to move all my Film editing to Paint Shop Pro Video Editor 8 after a computer upgrade that I desperately need.  To work with 4K video you need a lot of working RAM, Memory, Storage and a very good Graphics Card, so I have done the research and I am building a new computer that has 32 gig of Ram with 2 TB of Internal storage and the Graphic card will have 8 gig of memory by itself, not to mention the 3 TB of external storage I have. These are tools of the trade and I don't worry too much about that, but want the best I can afford to accomplish the task.  The video blow was my first video and so far one of my favorites. 

I am wanting to create a specific look and feel to this work.  I love the outdoors and being able to travel and fly different areas will prove to allow me to accomplish this style of shooting.  I do feel my vision will change and develop over time to seeing the world around me differently than I do today and that's exactly what I want.

Thanks for joining me and I invite you stay around and follow my adventures and discoveries.  Below is a link to the Aerial Photography Page here on the site.

Aerial Photography

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