11-10-15 - Some Where Down The Road


I decided I would go south this morning and capture some images of a  bridge I had driven over before.  However, along the way I found myself driving down a road I had never been on before.  I tend to do that when I go explore and many times it proves to be productive...today was no different.

I went south on HWY 27 into Tennessee and saw a sign for the Burnt Mill Bridge.  I had never been there and headed that way.  A 14.5 mile drive ended up being a great place to fly! I captured images with my Nikon D-300, My DJI OSMO and my DJI Phantom 3 Drone from @ 300 feet.  The Burnt Mill Bridge was used and protected by the US Army during the Civil War and is no longer in use.  


It always seems you never quite capture the images you want, no matter how long you stay or  complete you think you've covered the area.  I spent some time here and eventually left due to the high winds and the signal loss from the trees.  It was a beautiful morning and I will be returning here later this winter to capture this area in the snow.  The video I have loaded here is also on the Aerial Photography page here on the site.  Thanks for taking time to view my work and please feel free to return anytime and if you have questions let me know.

Burnt Mill Bridge

This next area was along the way and I had been here before in my past travels in this area.  This is just off HWY 52 in Northern Tennessee.  It's actually a Picnic area now after they built the new bridge, which you'll see in the video above.  I managed to capture a couple of images before I left the area.  This is another place I plan to photograph this winter.

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