11-30-15 - Some Where Down The Road


OK, let's see...I have been spending more time with my DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone and OSMO Video Camera than shooting regular images with my Nikon...and loving it!  I am sure that the time I am devoting to this new medium I have discovered will only prove to improve my other work.  I see differences in the landscape of the images but the overall style and vision is pretty much the same.

DJI Phantom 3 Pro

Winter Light

In the above image I am flying around 230 feet above the ground at Sunrise.  This is the texture of a Corn field that has been sewn with grass.  I am always seeking out good light and many times it appears when you least expect it.  I never expected to see this while simply crossing the field area, yet, there it was.  I think some our best work is work we never saw coming and reacted to our vision.  

This is not rocket science and I am not going to go off on some deep physiological explanation of why I chose to shoot this image..it's simple, I loved the light and the texture and the patterns, I don't think it gets much easier than that.    This next image is the product of two very important elements...being there and patience.



I arrived at this  location early and I knew where I wanted to be before getting there, which in many cases we don't have that luxury, I didn't know what to expect until the sun began to rise.  What I did know was that this ,location has produced many great sunrises in the past.  The unfortunate part is that this is a National Park and I am not allowed to Fly my drone on Federal property.  I can shoot images all day but no flying.  This would have been a great place and time to fly.  I had to settle with the OSMO.  

If you have never considered learning to Fly a Photo Drone, I would think seriously about trying it.  It's like a drug and once you begin, it's very hard to quit.  The possibilities are limitless and as the rules change and broaden, the opportunities will continue to grow.  I think the best part is yet come with all the travel and discovery we can do, we just need to follow the Law and our flying will be very productive.  

DJI Phantom 3 Pro

The above video is a computation of several videos highlighting the Sunrise or Sunset aspect of the clip.  The first one was actually a Fly up and Fly down event one late afternoon.  I did this because of the cloud formation and color of the sky.  You never know when or where opportunity will knock!   I am still working out the details and quality issues in the Post Processing and Color Grading in the videos.  

I have found, or should I say Learned, that  creating an end product with 4 K video footage is very space intensive and requires a lot of internal and external memory.  A fast, very fast computer is required.  One that has a very good Video Card with it's own memory, Lots of RAM and a super fast Processor.  For the type of work that I do I can get by with a less expensive set up but need better than I am currently using.  

OK, I will close for now.  Stay with me as we enter into another phase of the year and Winter.  I look forward to exploring many areas as the weather changes and the White Stuff stars to fall.  

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