July - 11 - 2015 South on HWY 127 - Some Where Down The Road

Most short trips I take are not planned and they usually result is several images I am very pleased with. It's hard to plan what you'll shoot because you just never really know what you'll see along the road. I really enjoy just driving and exploring and seeing, not knowing what you'll find is the fun part of what I do. Some people don't understand that kind of freedom, but I can't live without it.


I love photography and the art of seeing. The only way to improve your vision is to see. That's why these little outings are so important. They help you to see in a different way. Every image you shoot will not be a masterpiece so don't get discouraged when you don't capture all you expected or the day ends sooner than you thought. Take advantage of any opportunity you get to explore and see your world around you in a different way. Life's too short to sit in front of a TV or Computer all the time. I do that more than I'd like, but, they are a necessary evil we must live with...that's our world.

Now, let's talk about photography. I could tell you that there's all these super secret techniques or special equipment you need to create beautiful images, but if I did that, I'd be lying to you and I won't do that. Yes there are special lens and camera upgrades that you might get. The 2k dollar camera or the 3k dollar lens. But they will not improve the way you SEE. You must learn to see first before spending all this money on tools. The woodworker that is just starting out doesn't have all the fancy tools...yet. He learns his craft with the fundamentals and grows into the tools that will help advance his BASIC foundational skills. In photography seeing and light are everything. I say, learn to see the light first and give yourself time to understand what you need to grow.

When I first started shooting seriously I had very little in the way of equipment. I learned to see light and the fundamentals of Photography - Light,Subject,Perspective,Composition and Exposure - These 5 elements are the whole of what photography is about. The meat of what we do lay in these five concepts. These five will never change, they will always be in this order, not one of them will come before the other and if someone wants to excel in Photography they MUST master these five things.

Now, each takes a lifetime to understand and master and I doubt that I will ever be their master, but I chase light and see each day as if it were my last. I live these five concepts each morning when I wake and contemplate them before I sleep. Photography is a way of life, a state of being, a creative release of your personal vision. It is a difficult idea to express because it means something different to each of us as creatives. I believe inspiration comes from seeing and doing and  seeing the creations of others. I believe this inspires us to create through our own vision.

This short trip today was fun, not what I expected, but fruitful and cost $54.00 round trip in gas. I stopped on a side road and ate lunch as tree frogs were screaming in my ear and the heat from the mid-day sun had the overgrown fields of Sage and Bluegrass and weeds smoldering . I sat in the silence of nature as storm clouds formed to spit out their bounty of moisture and I felt blessed to even be able to experience it at all. I know tomorrow is another day and another chance to see something different in a different way, Somewhere Down The Road.

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