July - 6 -2015 - Shooting in the Fog - Some Where Down The Road

Good Morning and thanks once again for joining me on my next adventure. If you are following me or are going to follow my Blog post you'll see that I shoot almost daily or at least several times per week. I try to post as much as possible to my blog to share these short adventures.

I do go on longer and more exciting shooting trips, but they are only a few times per year so stay with me as I continue to explore somewhere down the road. This morning was especially foggy and I love shooting in the fog. You never know what you'll find until you venture out and see. I love these mornings because they are usually cool and quite and in most cases I can travel unimpeded by traffic or interruptions while exploring. I drive slow so I will not miss anything. I found this first image on a small road not far from home and it was what the sun was doing that really made me take notice. It created a creepy, mysterious feel as the sun hide slightly behind the fog and clouds.

The silhouette of the tree had an almost "horror film" feel to it, like fingers reaching for a bit of sun. I chase light not subjects, so, when I saw what the sun was doing here it only made sense to capture what I saw.

While I was at this location I ended up shooting a few other images... an old barn and the roadway seemed to be good subjects. Those images are here:

I live in this area, so I have been down these roads many times ans have seen these subjects often. It's only when the light is right that I would even consider shooting them. They are interesting but without the right light, they become very normal and everyday. As photographers we all have seen great subjects in very poor lighting, so it only makes sense to shoot in good light. This road leads to a main highway.

I followed along until I reached another side road and took it to find my next image. I have passed this barn many times and on any given day it just looks like a barn. Today, with the fog, I was very interested in photographing it and the animals around it. I really like the elements in the image as they seemed to tell the story of this place and what it is used for. The Hay trailer in the foreground and the fence gate drew me in and the foggy scene beyond held me there. I loved the trees framing this image too. I am sure there are a hundred ways to shoot this, but, this was mine for this day.

The next part of my morning adventure lead me to a highway, that on most days, sees little traffic. I traveled along this road for several miles along a huge creek that was bulging at its seams from the recent rains. A muddy mess of tree limbs and rock and debris from the storms. Everything is so saturated after a good rain. Sometimes I like that and other times I hate it.

Green tends to over saturate and orange and browns and reds explode with color. Almost to the point of being too full of color, if that is possible. The grass was shiny with the rainy wetness and was still lingering, with the morning fog adding to its intensity. You could smell the moisture in the air and the vague hint of pungent cut hay in the distance. When I leave on a trip I can always feel a home when I experience these smells somewhere else. This next image reminded me of the farm where I live. Growing up in the country leaves a mark on your soul and images like this seals it in forever...at least for me they do. They remind me where I'm from and who I am. I suppose that's why I love shooting them.

The river sings a song and if you listen hard enough you can hear it and today it is screaming because she is full of water and out of her banks. In this next image I am on a bridge looking over the river and a sand bar that is usually high out of the water and as you can see it is under the water today. These trees are 12-14 feet tall and all you can see are the tops of them here. When there is a lot of rain the folks at the dam release water to stop the lake from flooding and that adds a lot of water to the river, which is normally very low with lots of sand bars and eddies.

One day while I was out shooting I ran across a small road that looked more like a driveway than a road. I decided to follow it to see where it whent and to my surprise it lead to the river and a quiet little community of homes. On a rainy,foggy day like today, the landscape is full of color and the hills in the distance are full of clouds and fog. This barn is used for storing hay and other farm items. In years past it was used to hang tobacco for curing.

In This area there are many such barns that are now relics, yet they still serve a purpose for the sightseers. You can still find a farm or two that still operates as they used to, but most have either sold out or have moved on to other ventures...farming is not for the small farmer anymore.

As I was leaving I decided to check one other area I have shot in before. Spring,Summer,Fall or Winter this area is always beautiful and is ever changing with the seasons. Many times when I find an area I really like to shoot, I will visit it many times throughout the year to see the changes time and weather have on it. In this last image I photographed an old barn I have visited many times.

The window of trees I shot through is a familiar view and I love seeing it at any time of the year. I try to visit this location as often as I can. I pull over here and just sit to absorb the beauty of the country and dream of better days. On this warm summer morning I find the feeling no different. I am glad I could return to enjoy it again.

Thanks for joining me for another adventure. I have many planned for later in the year so stay with me. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them here or email me.

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