June -13/14 - 2015 - Cades Cove TN - Some Where Down The Road

It's just like me to jump i n the truck and take off for a short overnight trip. I didn't want to spend too much time on the road so I opted to go South to Cades Cove, TN. This was @ a 3 hour trip from home and I figured I could shoot on the way to and from this location in the mountains. I have shot here many times and I never seem to run out of images here.

There is always something new to see and shoot. When I arrived at the park on Friday morning I immediately secured a camp site . On the weekends this place is packed, so getting here early and being lucky is a plus when trying to get a place to camp. Cades Cove is an isolated valley located in the Tennessee section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA. The valley was home to many settlers before the formation of the national park. Today Cades Cove attracts more than two million visitors a year because of its scenic mountain views, and abundant wildlife.

The Cades Cove is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The campground is very nice. It's like a small neighborhood with people everywhere yet it is very peaceful and secluded. The entire area is covered with trees and the roads wind in and out throughout the area. When I first got to the campground and signing in a woman came into the office area and complained about a Yellow Jacket nest and her son getting stung...I noticed the Rangers working with the little boy as I was leaving. It seemed he was OK. After getting to my site and securing the area with a chair, I proceeded out into the Cades Cove Loop. It was a mess...tons of cars and very slow going. I was able to capture several images and as you'll see others that cover the area .

The trip around the park was very slow going, but for me that is fine as I am looking for images everywhere. The afternoon was very hot and steamy but was expected for June in Tennessee. I saw a mother bear with two cubs but was too far away to capture any images of note and the Park Rangers were out in force managing the area and giving tickets to those not wearing Seatbelts. I drove around the area until 7:30 pm and then headed in for the night. After showering and eating I uploaded my images to my laptop and a neighbor came by to say hello, as many did during my stay. Everyone was very nice and was not shy about saying hello. Although there were many people here at the campground, it was very quite and peaceful. Once the images were loaded I tried to watch a movie but feel asleep. Morning greeted me with a cool bite that was welcomed after the hot day before.

I fixed coffee and a Breakfast bar and was off to start the day. I( was a little taken back as I approached the gate to Cades Cove...Saturday Mornings are reserved for bikers...no cars allowed! The morning was beautiful and I was hoping to get some of that wonderful Smoky Mountain Fog...no chance this morning....I headed home with a stop over at a river to shoot the water falls. All and All for a 24 hour adventure that was unplanned, I feel like it was a success. Really these are the type of outings I really like because you seem to always get a few images that make it all worthwhile! Stay with me.... another adventure is coming soon. Here's a Link to more interesting info on Cades Cove, TN :


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