The Water Droplet - Some Where Down The Road

In this Post I created a video illustrating how to photograph a water droplet. There are many other ways of creating this type of image, but I found this to be a very effective process.. Many times on days when the weather is bad or I do not have a specific place I will be shooting, I create other types of images here at home. The elements used in this video are items that can be acquired at your home and can be substituted by other items you may have right where you are.

The need for expensive Boom Arms or other professional level equipment is not needed. The Pocket Wizards are an option if you have them. If you do not have the Pocket Wizards, a simple shutter release will do and some other type of remote flash firing device. I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any feedback or questions feel free to respond here on the site.

I have added the Gallery below so you can view each image individually to see the details. By focusing on the center point of the Splash and adjusting the F-Stop you can capture a beautifully focused and well exposed image. You can get more creative by adding a colored filter over the flash head to create many different color combinations. The idea here is to get creative and have fun.

Exposure: Nikon D300 :  F 11 @ 1/250th sec ISO 100 @ 45mm 

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