8-26-15 - Wet Morning Light - Some Where Down The Road

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Every time I get make myself get out and shoot before daylight I never regret it!  There is just something about the morning that makes your whole day seem much better.  I feel like I've accomplished something when i get out there early and watch the sun come up.  This morning we really no different than any other early morning other than the fact that everything was so wet!  A heavy fog created some awesome opportunities to capture the moisture beading up on everything.  The Foxtail weeds really light up with the morning sun and with all the tiny beads of water on them they simply glow!

I have no problem plopping myself down in a ditch somewhere to capture the essence of the morning.  The sun feels so good on your face as she rises and the wetness all around you reminds you that you are in the thick of it.  I can't imagine being anywhere else on a beautiful morning and this morning turned out to produce some nice images.  I started the morning out just up the road from where I live.  It was a ditch line that I found these first few images and the sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon.  One of the best parts of getting out this early is that you never really know what you'll run into.  You have some idea, but Mother Nature always finds a way to surprise me...this morning was no different!   As I left this first area I traveled toward the river where I found other images along the way.

The sun was beginning to get higher in the sky and as I drove I found Grasses and Weeds and other subjects being engulfed  by this glorious light.  It just wraps itself around and through everything, changing the way things appear and adding beautiful color to everything.  The light, airy feel of the plants really captured the true essence of what morning is and how I see the morning to be.  It seems like the light makes even the smallest detail stand out. Illuminating the  minute and shedding light on what before, was not to be seen.  I feel confident it was designed to be that way now all we must do is seek it out and capture it.  

I made it to the river where I captured a few flowers and a very tiny Spider on his web.  One of the things that amaze me the most is how Nature takes care of itself.  Look at this tiny spider, its color is beautiful, yet, it's designed to blend and dissolve into its environment... beauty in hiding I suppose, again, we must find it.

Basilica Orb Weaver Spider

Moving on from here I continued down the road toward Home.  The light began to become very harsh and I decided to get back and take the Fourwheeler out and head to the creek.  The filtered light would prove to be an  asset in the middle of the day.  I rarely shoot during this time of day, but the humidity was low, the skies were clear and the light streaming through the trees was wonderful !  I love being on the creek.  It's cool and the sound of the water rushing by is soothing and reminds me why I love the outdoors so much.  Other than smelling like "Outside Kid" after shooting, I love it!  I guess that's why they make showers...right?

Yeah, you really need to get all that creek water off after a good long shoot in the water.  As  much as I love it, it become sticky and stale after a while.  I rode down the creek, instead of up the creek because of the location itself.  The creek become flatter and more condensed in this area  which allowed for easier riding and smaller trickles.  I wasn't after waterfalls, but rather, trickles with color.

...and that's exactly what I got.  I could have sat there all day and just listened to the water and feel its coolness on my toes.  I wear sandals so I still get to get the toes wet! :)) and there are so many different opportunities for images you really have to focus your efforts or you'll never get anything done.  So, I found a few little trickles and shot a few images here and there and then moved on.  I found the afternoon to be very relaxing and rewarding just as the morning proved to produce several images I love and somewhere in between I fell in love with what I do all over again, Seeing, Creating and Living,  Somewhere Down The Road.

Thanks for joining me for another adventure.

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