8-23-2016 - Some Where Down The Road


Today I decided to shoot in the afternoon in an attempt to see a little deeper into some very  "everyday" subjects.  Things we see everywhere at this time of year.  I am always trying to see in different ways and change the way I see what I see.  Today was no different.  Now, looking at my work you may see images that appear similar to the ones I captured today, however, the images from today are very different in regard to the Depth of Focus of the images.

Depth of Field changes everything and how we use Depth of Field for a specific subject can change the entire way that subject is perceived by the viewer.   In my attempt to look deeper I am pushing parts of the image in the way, placing twigs, flowers, leafs, and limbs into the path of focus, forcing me to use "Manual Focus" to obtain the final exposure.  The results...I am pleased so far.

This was a very short shoot and I stopped at only 3 locations along the road.  The first being the  small "Fox Tail" weeds along a fence line,  I love these little weeds and when the light is filtering in behind them they glow like a candle.  The tiny details ar heightened by the intense backlight and make the translucent blades glow with color.  The hard part come in Post Editing in balancing the color correctly.

Next was the tiny "Black Eyed Susan's".  Another flower that we see everywhere in Summer and they fill the road edges with color.  Again, a backlight situation, I needed to take care not to overexpose the petals and leaves with specular highlights or overexposure.  Looking into the subject takes a moment to adjust your eyes and focus on finding an approproaite perspecttive and composition, all the while standing in a ditch line holding 18 lbs of camera in the heat of the day.    I love ditch lines!

Next, I drove just a few miles down the road to find the next and last location.  Here I found a small field of sage grass and green grass reeds with "Golden Rod" flowers everywhere.  Here I wanted to focus on the shadows in the grass with the color of the flowers, while still maintaining that shallow depth of field to emphasize the main subject through the obstacles.  I find manual focus and a fast shutter speed helpful here, especially when the wind is blowing and the subject just won't stay still.  I hand hold the camera when shooting like this because the subject can change so quickly as can my perspective.  

So, there you have it, another short little shoot and I am very pleased with the results.  Stay with me for more photo outings somewhere down the road.

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