2017 Southwest Adventure - January - Some Where Down The Road

2017 Southwest Adventure


Thank you for joining me on my next adventure. This trip started on January 11th, 2017 and I traveled across the USA to explore the Desert Southwest in Winter!   I  camped in my 2016 Rayzr camper.   I am sharing numerous photos. and videos about my experiences right here on my site.  So check out this epic adventure and let's see what I discovered...Somewhere Down The Road!


HWY 70 east is one of the main travel routes across the USA   I made various stops along the way and tried to upload images each day.  Some days I had no internet signal and had to wait.  


Arches  National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Bryce  Canyon National Park

Zion  National Park

Coral Pink San Dunes


Upper & Lower Antelope Slot Canyons

Lake Powell / Wahweap - Glenn Canyon Dam

Grand Canyon 

Wupatki National monument - Flagstaff


Click the Link below to view my travel map.  Simply hover over the numbered location to view the images of that area.  

Travel Map

The Video below is illustrating the use of a Plan Book to organize the Trip.  Some diversion is expected and I  am sure there will be many other entries on the active map than what is listed in the plan.  All locations will be documented and shared on the active map and here on the site during and after the trip is complete.

Getting Prepared

I feel strongly about being organized and ready before an adventure. It is so important and makes the difference between a successful trip and one that is fraught with frustration and wasted time.  I will be adding NEW videos as I get them edited and posted here on the site.  Please visit often to view the new content posted.

The videos below are short identification clips for various locations along the way.

The First Morning

Prairie Land


Colorado II


Bryce Canyon

A Day Hike

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Lake Powell Arizona

My Grand Canyon Attempt

Wupatki National Monument

Each Gallery below has multiple images.  

Click on the gallery and page through the images.

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