3-15-18-Cumberland Milkyway - Some Where Down The Road

3-15-18-Cumberland Milkyway

Lake Cumberland Time-Lapse

Thank for joining me for another Time-Lapse project.  This morning @ 3:00 am I set off for the Lake Cumberland Dam.  I have spent several days scouting this location for exactly what I got this morning.  Many times it takes several trys to get the right conditions so you can capture what you envision. 

I was very pleased with today's results but I am never satisfied and will push to improve the quality of the finished product.  The actual edited video is much cleaner than what you are seeing here so I may be looking for a better upload service to give me better end results. 

All in all it was a very productive morning.  Stay with me for many more Time-lapse videos and images throughout the year.  In May I will be traveling to the Desert Southwest once again and have many nights planned for Time-Lapse.

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