New York City

I went on a short trip to New York City.  My first trip there and I have to say it was a very eye opening experience.  The city was overflowing with everything.  The Food, People and Activity was, well, frankly, over the top.  I have traveled a bit and been to places where there are a lot of people but nothing like this.  Being from the country and a slower pace NYC was a little too much for my senses and liking.  However, I did find it to be a playground for the photographic and had I had more time, with less confusion, I feel I could have created a bit more content.  

I did try to focus on a few specific areas where I captured images and time lapse sequences and for my first trip to the city I felt I accomplished what I set out to do...mostly.  We always critique ourselves more than others.  There is so much there to photograph that it overwhelms you so having a well planned out and timed schedule with someone that truly knows the city is very important to your success. 

I was there roughly 3 shooting days and struggled to get all the areas I wanted to photograph.  Part of this is due to the number of people on the street and trains and partly because I was just not familiar with the city enough to be able to communicate to my guide where I wanted and needed to go.   Some of the areas are so far apart it took 3 trains to get there and others were either not visited during good light or it was pouring down rain.  You can imagine the confusion and frustration of trying to get to a specific location only to find it will take 2 hours back and forth to get there and then on to the next location.  The lesson to be learned here is plan, plan , plan.

All and all it was a good trip and I feel I will go back someday but under very different conditions.


Nikon D850 

Nikon 24-70

Nikon 24mm PC lens

iPhone xr

DJI Osmo Pocket - Video footage

Gitzo Traveler Tripod w/ Really Right Stuff Ball head

City Time Lapse

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