7-12-19-Smokey Mountains

I decided to go to the Great Smoky Mountains to shoot waterfalls and Sunrises and I found the weather to be a bit wet.  Photography has always been, for me, a thing of adventure and discovery and this weekend was no different.  I have been to these locations many times and everytime I visit them I find something new.  I can always count on Mother nature to create something interesting and all I have to do is respond.  

The colors of Summer are rich as is the air in the hot mountains of Tennessee.  The humid South proves it has no place for a cool breeze except in the early morning hours and even then a touch of moisture is in the air.  The clouds over a favorite location swirled and plunged into the valley below as the Sun rose on another day.  Then I found myself deep in a forest hiking along a swift running creek where the green moss was taking over the stones and deadfalls alike.  Yes, this weekend did prove to be fruitful and I came away with yet another set of images and a few time lapse captures I can say I am pleased with.  I hope you enjoy them.

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