What can I say about Colorado in July...it's hot!  In the mountains you'd think that the weather would be cool or colder than a normal Summertime heat but it's not.  The days here were in the High 80's and at night is was freezing!  I was not ready for the huge shift in temps from day to night.    I went to visit a friend I met at the Nightscapers conference in May, Sisel Lan.  He is a Documentary Photographer from Mexico and a very talented Nightscapes photographer too.  We tried to make a few plans prior to me arriving and after traveling to several locations we found that our planning was fruitless so we made due with what we had available....which was not much. 

Colorado is a  big place and we had no idea of where to go in such a short period of time.  We did however find several locations for our upcoming Fall trip to shoot the Aspen trees and waterfalls.  Maybe we should spend our time shooting the Milkyway in the Southwest.  Utah and Arizona are much better  but I am sure there are many great locations in Colorado too, we just didn't know how to find them.  Below is a gallery of images I captured.  



On a back road on Boreas Pass in Central Colorado

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