8-25-19 - August Milkyway - Some Where Down The Road

8-25-19 - August Milkyway

So last night I decided that I would go out and capture the Milkyway.  I left the house @ 6:30 pm and went to a favorite location where the skies are mostly dark.  There is some light pollution from a nearby town.  Last night the skies were clear with a few clouds passing through and they became heavier as the night went on. 

The Moon was rising @ midnight so I had a little time to capture a few images.  No matter how many times I shoot the Milkyway it seems it changes in color and content as it moves across the sky.  Here is Kentucky the Milkyway is different than  it is out West and it appears more contrasty.,..I suppose that may be from the Light pollution.  It was a great 2 hours of shooting and the weather was beautiful and cool. 

Dance Across The Sky

Dance Across The Sky

The vertical Milkyway. This is a 16 image stack with one Dark Frame. The exposure was ISO 6400 @ 5 sec @ F-2.8 x 16- August 2019

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