8-27-31-2019 Joshua Tree NP - Some Where Down The Road


Joshua Tree NP

Packing for Joshua Tree

The backpack is a  Mindshift TRAILSCAPE 18L

There are a few other changes I have made  to my kit for this trip.  I decided not to take my Z96 lights and I will be lighting all my landscapes with 2 Lume Cube Lights and I will be using the filter kit to adjust the Light Temp for the scene.  These lights are tiny with huge adjustable output so they will work much better with less weight.   My tripod is a Really Right Stuff Carbon Fiber 24L and I am using the BH-55 ball head.  This head is a bit large but I like a bigger Ball Head for stability.  I changed my Filter pack  to just one 3 stop Grad ND Filter and the bracket to hold it, less weight and the other filters are not needed. 

One of my biggest downfalls is packing TOO much kit for the shoot and I am working on changing that.  When you fly to a destination you need mobility, yet, efficient kit to accomplish the work at hand.  It's much like shooting too many images of a scene...be more specific and shoot less with higher quality of each scene.  Knowing what to take to cover the subject matter is critical when traveling.  As I've gained more experience through the years I've discovered  my confidence level rose and I now know what I need  to accomplish a given task.

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