Ah Shi Sle Pah Wilderness

In Northern New Mexico @ 45 miles outside the city of Farmington there is a place that is lost in time, forgotten by the world around it and set aside for everyone that can find it to enjoy.  The Ah Shi Sle Pah Wilderness is a landscape you do not see every day and that will give you chills to be in alone.  

I first found and explored this area as a recommendation from the BLM office in Farmington.  With directions scribbled on a scrap piece of paper I headed out to find this awesome landscape.  Not knowing what I would find, the anticipation was overwhelming and after a couple of hours I arrived. 

At first I was looking at an open field, a desert of sorts and then I hiked over to the edge and looked out across an alien  landscape I could not wait to explore.  I arrived early in the day, so I had plenty of time to figure out how to enter the lower regions of the area and tracked a path that I could follow for later in the night so I could shoot the Milkyway.

If you plan to venture out to this location make sure you are prepared with lots of water, light anda good compass.  All of which you will need to navigate the valleys and ridges of the area and  one of the hardest elements of the area is figuring out the best route to the floor.  When you start out you will most likely be on top of the ridge and have to slide down the edges of the revines where you will hike out into the flats where the HooDoo's are located.  If you have a drone...take it and use it to figure out the best route.  Then use small light tags to make your way and set markers with your GPS to find your way back to your starting point.  I got lost on my first try.

The galleries below represent two separate nights I played in another world and got lost in the beauty of Northern New Mexico.  I hope you enjoy the images.

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Among The Giants

Among The Giants

Captured in the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness in New Mexico - This is a 16 image stack

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