Fall in the Smokys - Some Where Down The Road

Fall in the Smokey's - 2019

Cades Cove

Mountain Color

In  early November  I went to The Great Smokey Mountains in Eastern Tennessee.  This location is a place I enjoy visiting at various times of the year.  On this trip I was hoping for and got the first snow of the year.   I did not see or capture any images of Wildlife on this trip.  My goal was simply to capture the landscape and the intimate details hidden within the Mountains.   

I have traveled all over the USA and I never seem to get tired of the awesome beauty in the mountains,  When I find myself above 4000 ft I come alive and spend all my time there seeking out images that tell a story of that place.  I find the quiet and calm that the mountains gives you brings an ever present sense of just how important nature is in our lives.  A cool breeze, the smell of the Pines and the sound of the mountains echoing across a valley...it just doesn't get any better than this.

First Snow

Foothills Parkway

Winter in the mountains is a special time.  The Foothills Parkway is located just North of Townsend, Tennessee.  On this trip, after the snow, the main mountain was closed and I headed out of the park and back toward home when I decided it  would be a great time to shoot there.  The Cold never really bothered me so the high altitudes and crisp snap of the breeze were all I needed to feel right at home.  The drive along the Parkway is peaceful and beautiful.  The colors of Fall are still glowing and the light snow added a touch of awesome to the scene.

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