Moab Utah 2019 - 2 - Some Where Down The Road

Moab Utah 2019 - 2

Here we are again .  A different Month and a lot of different exploring and images captured.  May proved to be a great month in the Southwest.  During this time I traveled from Moab South to Phoenix AZ to San Francisco Ca. up the coast to Eureka Ca. across the desert of Nevada back into Utah near Salt Lake and then South back to Phoenix and on to Farmington New Mexico to shoot in the Hoodoo's in the Bisti Badlands and the Ah-shi-sle-pah Wilderness...

WOW!  what an adventure this has been.  I have to say this trip has been the best so far with over 70K images captured between Time Lapses and stills, so I have a lot of editing to get done, so stay with me over the next few weeks and I will be adding much more content to include several videos. 

You can go to the Nightscapes folder to see a lot of Milkyway photography:

You can also check out the Milkyway Page:

I met many great people and learned so much on this trip, not only about Milkyway Photography but also concerning travel and being prepared for many different situations you find on a road trip of this calibre.  I was out for two months, longer than expected, but well worth the effort.  I look forward to the next adventure - Colorado in the Fall!



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