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My Camping Rig

Thanks for visiting my Camper Page. 

Check out the video walk through in the above video and below is a gallery to show my new truck/camper rig.  All of my future trips will be taken using this rig. The camper is a 2016 Rayzr by Travel Lite Campers- FK Model(full Kitchen model) and is designed to fit a 1/2 ton truck. Weighing in @ 1100+ pounds+ gear, you hardly even know it's on the truck at all.

 So let's talk about the exterior for a moment.  As you can see there is an extension on the rear of the camper. This is a hauler that fits into the hitch attachment and allows me to carry additional gear as needed. Currently, I carry a VIBE 72 Quart Cooler and on my first run with this cooler it kept the ice frozen for 4 days and I still had plenty of ice in the bags for the freezer!

I also carry a Sportsman 3000 watt Generator and a small Tool Box. As you can see in the images I have built a big white box to cover this equipment and it works great. I constructed this from cabinet grade plywood and then painted it inside and out. It fits snugly into the rack area then I strap it down with one ratchet strap. In front of the box I have an open storage area where I place my Gas Grill, Gas Can and any other items I need to store while traveling. On the sides of the camper inside the bed of the truck, I store my hoses and a small step stool I use to get in the camper.

The tailgate acts as my deck when folded down. A little customization can go a long way when you are striving for simple, yet organized.  Stay with me, I will have a lot more images and video of this rig as I develop it further.  Feel free to offer any comments or suggestions.

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