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Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. For example, an image of a scene may be captured once every second, then played back at 30 frames per second; the result is an apparent 30 times speed increase.  Many of my time lapse videos are captured at a 4 second interval for @ 300-400 images @ 29 frames per second making @ a 14 second clip/video.

Here I will add videos of time-lapse I have created from various locations.  I am looking forward to all the creative opportunities throughout the year.  Stay tuned and I will be adding additional videos soon.    I will also be adding instructional videos on my Travel Blog and talk about all the different equipment I use to capture my images.  

I will be shooting various types of Time-Lapse videos from Day to Night, Night  to Day, Cityscapes, woodlands and Astro time-Lapse.  I will show all the Sliders and other equipment it takes to create these awesome scenes.   So, stay with me and let's see what we can discover Somewhere Down The Road.

Syrp Genie / Revolve Dolly

2018 Southwest Adventure

6-10-18 - Sunset

5-18-18 - Welcome To Vegas

3-15-18-Lake Cumberland Time-Lapse

2-6-18 - Pines & Sky

SKY Time-Lapse - 1-10-18

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